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Use Fresh Limes instead of Deodorant?

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 10:15 PM

I was watching "Open Minds" on The host, Regina Meredith mentioned that Fresh LIME works better than deodorant!  I heard that statement and decided to try it. Well, the first time I used it, it burned like crazy! Let me give you a heads up! It does work great...just "gently" wash your underarms with mild soap, pat dry, then apply the lime directly to your skin. No burning. (Do not apply to freshly shaved skin...I doubt I have to say that, just be forewarned)I applied the lime then I went outside to do some gardening. I worked up a heavy sweat. I noticed, there was no odor coming from my underarms! I did not smell like I needed a shower...I did FEEL like I needed one. I was dripping sweat, my clothes were soaked from sweat, I was truly surprised at how well the fresh cut lime did the job!

The jury is out on this subject online. Some say it works, others say do not expose your skin to the sun after applying lime juice. Your treated skin can react to the sun and cause a host of skin problems.

 I'm not too worried about my armpits being out in the sun as I tend to keep my arms down most of the day. ;)


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